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The aim of this program is to educate students and academics with Psychology degree who adopt the general mission and vision of Cankaya University that is successful at both scientific education and application; and who could provide plus value for corporations and institutes when working for psychology and its subfields; have the ability of scientific thinking, analyzing, synthesizing, modeling, and analysis; could do original researches; could produce information that would be used universally, and during information producing and application procedures following the ethical rules; could transfer the produced information into practice; could share his/her knowledge and experiences actively with the society and other scientists that work on related domains; could make contributions on the cumulative psychology knowledge and practice of our country. Furthermore, we aim to give lectures which are based on the sub-domains, theoretical basics, research and application methods, and principles of Psychology that would be guidance for the students from other departments who have an interest in psychology but have limited knowledge.

This program is planned to provide a strong background with the basic topics, methods, approaches, and practices of psychology; and to enhance the student’s abilities of analytical thinking. For the students to be in cooperation, active and productive with the other domains like psychiatry, sociology, political science and public administration, philosophy, management, and cognitive neuroscience we have aimed to make them join in research projects through cooperation. Therefore, it is aimed to support and develop scientific information and produce innovative thinking which is related to topics that are significant for our country.

Cankaya University Psychology Department takes an active role in the center of developments in terms of academics and application. Congresses, symposiums, national and international meetings are organized in order to be successful in our aims. Our studies are published in national and international journals. We give importance to take place in social projects which are organized by TUBITAK, TUBA and Turkish Psychological Association.