1- Possess advanced level basic conceptual knowledge and consider its reflections on practice in the field of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

2- Have a basic knowledge about people and the working principles of inter-communal relations.

3- Analyze the conceptual knowledge related to the field and evaluate its reflections on practice.

4- Reach to the original knowledge sources in the field of social and behavioral sciences by using written and visual resources.

5- Obtain information by processing data with technological means and present this information as a report by using technological equipment (computer, etc.) that the field required.

6- By making contact with the sub-branches of the field and the other fields in the social sciences make interdisciplinary interpretations and have skills to do analyses and develop these skills.

7- Take responsibility both as a team member and individually in order to solve unexpected complex problems faced within the implementations in the field.

8- Evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired in the field with a critical approach.

9- Direct the education received to a higher education level in the same field or to an occupation in the same level.

10- Gain awareness of lifelong learning and questioning.

11- Inform people and institutions, transfer ideas and solution proposals to problems in written and orally on issues in the field.

12- Organize and implement project and activities for social environment with a sense of social responsibility.

13- Monitor the developments in the field and communicate with peers by using a foreign language at least at a level of European Language Portfolio B1 General Level.

14- Audit the data gathering, interpretation, implementation and announcement stages by taking into consideration the cultural, scientific, and ethical values.

15- Possess sufficient consciousness about the issues of universality of social rights, social justice, quality, cultural values and also, environmental protection, worker’s health and security.

16- Have an open attitude towards change and innovation.